Morphing Machines is focused upon creation of novel advanced silicon-centric IPs and associated software tool chains for parallel and distributed computing.  We do not provide general software or hardware development or consulting services.  However, silicon IP development and customization, hardware accelerator development, application solution development, and system level software development projects are taken up by Morphing Machines for its selected privileged customers to support their developments around IPs licensed from Morphing Machines.

Expertise and Competencies

Morphing Machines has deep expertise and extensive experience in algorithm analysis, architecture, system design, implementation, verification, and validation of semi- and full-custom chips, SoCs, systems, compilers, operating systems, and other software tools for parallel, distributed, and embedded systems.  The company has world-class in-house capability in:

  • Problem analysis and algorithm characterization, rapid reference implementation in C/C++, and optimization for hardware realization,
  • Compilers for targeting custom hardware accelerators,
  • High-level synthesis using advanced functional hardware description languages,
  • Design and optimization of special purpose application specific custom functional units,
  • Realization and optimization of RTL in Verilog, SystemVerilog, SystemC, and advanced Hardware Description Languages including Bluespec and Chisel,
  • Rapid prototyping of ASIC and System-on-Chip designs on FPGA,
  • Custom System-on-Module board design and development, and,
  • Embedded system and application software development.

Morphing Machines also has end-to-end know-how, processes, and partners to take a custom silicon solution all the way from concept through back-end design and verification, and ASIC or SoC fabrication using reputed multi-project shared wafer services or commercial foundries.